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about me

My name is Elliot Burns and I am an aspiring filmmaker from the UK. I have been involved in 3 short films, have written 3 screenplays and am currently directing my first feature - 'Seems Like Teen Spirit'. I am working with talented youngsters from all over the world to collaborate on this project, from composers to Foley artists, to try and put together a fantastic film made by teens from all over the world to show to EVERYONE all over the world!

a film by teens, for everyone.

Seems Like Teen Spirit is a feature film made entirely by teens, directed by Elliott Burns, with the sole aim to dispel the negative press attention teenagers often receive, particularly in the wake on the 2011 British riots, and to generate national media attention towards the good work being done by many. Produced by Juxta Films LLC, Seems Like Teen Spirit is set for an early 2012 release.  



seems like teen spirit has a website! is the new, official website of the film, and the place where you can find all the information relating to the distribution etc. of the film.